Guidelines - Vanza Variety Show 2014 1. All cultural items including live music, dance (folk, classical and contemporary), recitals and short skits are welcome. Gujarati items are encouraged, however items in any language will be considered. 2. Each item should be limited to approximately 5-10 minutes. The timing of live musical performances or skits must be discussed with the organizing committee. 3. Application must be made by completing this form. Submission closes 31 March 2014 4. Acceptance will be confirmed only after the organizing committee has an opportunity to review the item. The organizing committee’s decision is final. The acceptance or dismissal of an item shall be notified to the group leader via email. 5. Participants will be responsible for their own music, props and costumes. Any help from the committee needs to be discussed and agreed in advance. 6. Individual requirements such as special lighting or extra props must be discussed with the committee in advance 7. As this is a cultural event graced by both young and old from the broader community, please be aware of the suitability of the costumes for your item. This will be considered again at the dress rehearsal. 8. A copy of the music or script, preferably on a USB or CD, must be handed to the organizing committee on the AUDITION DAY. The USB or CD (marked appropriately) should have only the relevant music/song/item, which is to be used for the performance. IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS PROGRAM WILL ONLY PROCEED IF WE ENOUGH NUMBERS FOR THE SHOW Full membership support is expected for the success of this program. For further information or clarification kindly contact the or any committee members.