About Us

The Logo

Designed by Urvi Chavda and selected by the community during the Vanza Samelan celebrations in 2015.

Definition and meaning:

    • The “V” stands for the Great Vanza Community and the colour red symbolizes the colour of Sindhoor (vermillion)

    • The Flame or Diya is the sign of worship to the supreme power and also a symbol of light and knowledge

    • The Flame is shaped in the form of a Trishul which is wielded by Maa Hingraj

    • The Swan is Hingraj Maa’s vahan. The swan is also widely referenced in Australian culture and the Swan river in Perth, Western Australia

Vanzas in Western Australia

Majority of the Vanzas in Western Australia are migrants and mostly settled in and around the Perth Metropolitan. Since the Vanza community members have always enjoyed being part of a community it was important to establish an association which would create such an environment that would promote the unity and friendship among members.

Vanza Society of Western Australia (Inc) was registered on 8th March 2012 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 (WA)

The aims and objectives of the Association are to cultivate an understanding and an appreciation of the Vanza culture amongst all West Australians and thus to:

    • Foster opportunities to uplift the cultural, social, educational and sporting activities of the Association.

    • Promote friendly relationship and unity amongst all members of the Association.

    • Develop traditional Vanza cultural values.

    • To undertake fund raising activity for the benefit of the Association.

    • Contribute to the wider WA society by working with charitable organisations for charitable purposes.

    • Work closely with sister Vanza organisations throughout the world.

    • Promote co-operation with other community organisations.

    • Refrain from any party political activities.

    • Always work within the State and Federal laws.

The property and income of the Association shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects or purposes of the Association.

History of Vanza

Vanza are commonly known as "Darji" (ie.Tailors). They were Kshatriya warriors (is the title of the princely military order in the Vedic society) and worshipped "Shakti" - Mataji - Mata Hingraj.

About 175 years ago Shree Gopal Lal Maharaj (fourth generation of Shree Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharyaji) visited Saurashtra and with subsequent visits of his son Gopendranathji, Vanza turned to "vaishnav panth" - "pushti-maarg" as propounded by Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharyaji he intended to promote culture and education to the wanza or vanza community and to relieve poverty and sickness among the vanza community members. They accepted Gopal Lal Maharaj as their guru.